A world-wide standard for the art of snowboarding.
Ride the lightning.
This year we are expanding our line of boards to include 25 models which will be broken down into 8 different series. The Ice Age Snowboards Team along with the guiness work of engineer BJ Slater have created these 8 different series of rider specific snowboards. All of our boards were designed with a 4x4 hole pattern with the more advanced models having a 12 pack. We are now offereing three types of construction throughout these series. A standard sidewall, a cap/monocoque, and our new super-light weight Type II Construction that BJ has been perfecting for years.

The Technician, Formula, and Magic Carpet series are the ultimate high performance, lightweight boards built for the more advanced rider, all in Type II Construction. Built to go fast and land the big ones with ease.

The Twister series is our woman's line of boards in a cap/monocoque construction. This series has a softer flex and is more forgiving. Built for small feet in mind but ready for fast, furious fun.

And finally our Little Rascals series for our little shredders that light up the slopes all year round. These boards are designed for little rascals by our own team of rascals. The graphics are also their own ideas of fun. A four hole pattern is compatible with most kids specific bindings on the market today. Built for fast all mountain fun and is great for all levels of riding.

These 25 models in our 8 series of boards set an industry standard in overall quality, design and construction. So whether you're looking for your first board or your tenth, our snowboards are designed to increase your enjoyment of snowboarding for many years to come.

A world-wide standard in the art of snowboarding.
Ride the Lightning.